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2019 Cyber Security Predictions

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Predictions are always difficult, but in the world of managed security services they are crucial. To stay ahead of ever-evolving security threats, security teams must stay vigilant and mindful of potential threats. Today, the team at FX Technology will share a few network security predictions for 2019 so you can stay one step ahead.

Ransomware Wreaks Havoc Despite Fewer Attacks, and Crypto-Crimes Continue to Rise

Over the last few years, the number of users impacted by ransomware has slowly tapered down. However, that doesn’t mean the threat has disappeared. The ransomware attacks that did happen were highly-targeted and devastating. Expect more of the same in 2019.

The reason many criminals have moved away from ransomware attacks is that they are finding crypto-jacking and other schemes to be more effective. As crypto-technology is relatively new, many of the methods for defending those attacks are unrefined. As such, expect crypto-crimes to increase, while ransomware attacks decrease.

More Defenders Will Include Artificial Intelligence to Counter Attacks

Threat identifications systems that include machine-learning are already in use to identify and neutralize potential threats. Expect to see AI-powered systems that simulate attacks on systems in order to uncover vulnerabilities before attacks find them. Unfortunately, this technology isn’t solely in the hands of defenders — the arms race of artificial-intelligence attacks and defense will continue.

Regulations on Privacy and Drive Data Protection are Coming

Rising concern over how companies use and protect personal information will influence American lawmakers to institute data protection policies. The blowback from consumers angry about constant security breaches and unethical information disclosures will lead citizens to demand increased privacy and control over their own information.

We can already see examples of these policies in the EU. The General Data Protection Regulation was designed to penalize corporations who have compromised their user’s personal information. Expect the US to follow suit.

More Online Transactions Will Require Two-Factor Authentication

Though not an ideal solution, many online retailers will begin to implement two-factor authentication methods instead of password-only-protection. The dependence on passwords as the sole verification method is leaving the public open to phishing and social engineering attacks. To avoid these attacks, expect many online sites to require mobile authentication before finalizing transactions. Eventually, though maybe not in 2019, new technologies will be created and implemented to make multi-factor authentication more fluid and easy for end users.

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