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Is the IT infrastructure of your business in need of an update? The first step in becoming more efficient and secure is always to evaluate your current IT situation. We provide this as a free service, because we believe in meeting your unique needs.



Our Approach

We Are a Chameleon

Every business is different. None are the same. FX Technology offers a free business IT audit to each potential customer. Our highly trained and professional IT technicians will inspect all IT aspects of your business and assess your IT needs. The process of doing an IT audit will uncover the current status of items such as out of date software, firmware updates, aging hardware etc, as well as any potential threats or issues that may cause issue and create problems in your business.

Lastly, we will identify potential upgrades that may help improve the IT for your company. In the technology business things change very rapidly – it is very nice to have a trained professional recommend what advances in technology you should take advantage of, and what technologies you should stay away from!

After the completion of each IT audit our technicians will prepare a report that will have recommendations and any potential suggestions that might improve your IT infrastructure. We break this down in phases based on the priority of what we are recommending. After that, it’s up to you! Either way, we provide this report to you free of charge. Get in touch with us about our IT solutions and we can schedule your free business IT audit today!

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