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Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Storage

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You’ve probably seen or heard the terms “cloud backup” and “cloud storage” a few times, especially if you’re looking for data storage solutions for a business. You might have also heard them used interchangeably, but there’s definitely a difference. What is it? FX Technology’s IT team can explain. In this blog, we’re going to look at the differences in cloud backup and cloud storage and the kind of applications each one is best suited to.

Cloud-Based Storage

Storage does exactly what it says — stores your data. Specifically, storage is something that can be easily accessed and frees up the need for any on-site physical media. Cloud storage is usually provided by a specific services provider that uses specific servers to offer off-site storage space.

General Purposes and Active Use

The primary purpose of cloud storage is to reduce the need for physical devices by providing a remote, virtual storage space. This makes things much easier for a number of reasons — freeing up space in an office or business property, reducing cost on physical media and devices, and allowing staff or authorized individuals to access files or work from anywhere.

Cloud-Based Backup

Cloud-based backup is similar, but has a slightly different purpose than just storage. Rather than being storage alone, backup services offer a more archival function. Cloud-based backup keeps vital company, customer, business, or personal information safe and accessible from anywhere.

Long-Term Storage of Important Data

The real key to cloud-based backup, as opposed to just storage, is security and long-term reliability. The data kept in backup servers must be complete and accurate, since it’s there in case of emergency. Think of it like a business’s disaster recovery plan.

The kind of information that would go into a disaster recovery plan for a business is the same type that is entered into cloud backup. The additional benefit of storing it in the cloud is that, like general storage for data, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time by authorized parties.

The best backup and storage services will offer the benefit of data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and a focus on ease-of-use for the end user.

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