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Learn How Cookies Work

Browser cookies in search bar.

A lot goes on behind the scenes when you use the internet. To make sure you get the best experience and content that’s right for what you’re interested in, websites use a variety of different things to make things faster and simpler. Cookies are one of the most common examples. If you’re less familiar with how all of the technology you interact with every day works, you might have heard the term “cookies” but have no idea what they are or what they do. FX Technology can explain.

What Are They?

Cookies, also known as HTTP cookies, browser cookies, or web cookies, are small bits of data sent to your browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, or whatever else you use) when you visit a site. Cookies are sent to whichever browser you’re using by a server and stored on your device’s hard disk.

What Are They For?

The main purpose of cookies is to make things quicker and easier for users. For example, if you log into a particular site to use it, you probably expect to still be logged in the next time you visit. This is what cookies do. Cookies store the data needed for a server to recognize a user (usually a unique user ID number) and remember certain things that help their web experience.

Are Web Cookies Dangerous?

With all the scares involving online privacy in recent years, things like browser cookies have had a little stigma attached to them. The cookies themselves are actually one of the less dangerous ways activity is tracked online. Cookies typically only hold basic information, and whatever browser you use has an option to allow you to delete all of them or specific ones. Many of the best-known browsers will also now allow you to only accept them from select websites, and block requests from third parties.

Deleting Browser Cookies

If you do decide to clear stored cookies, which can sometimes help to speed up slow browsing, be careful. As we mentioned, cookies help to keep certain things consistent when you’re online, so deleting them might mean you will need to log back into online accounts. You may also find that certain websites load more slowly when you visit them afterward.

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