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Network Security Explained – Part 1

Padlock with network cable.

Padlock with network cable.

FX Technology IT Solutions: How Network Security Works (Part 1)

The FX Technology team has written before about the importance of online security and staying safe in daily digital life. However, we want to provide detailed information about network security in a single, simple IT solutions source for our readers. So, in today’s blog, we offer the first part of our deeper look at how network security works — from setup and daily use to ongoing security monitoring.

Understand What the Network is Used For

Depending on what the network is for, the process of a secure setup will be slightly different. A home network is typically easier to protect (although it’s no less important) due to having fewer people using it. A business network is going to need to be more robust, in terms of both performance and security.

What Kind of Information are You Storing or Using?

If you have a network setup for business use, then the level of security should be appropriate for the type of information being stored. If you’re keeping financial details of customers or clients, or any personally identifiable information about them, you need to keep this as safe as you would keep confidential information about you and your business.

Setting Up a Secure Network

For a business network, there are a few things that are essential to security. Password protection is one thing, but a network — especially a business network — should also be encrypted. Any data that’s being stored or transferred over your business network should be encrypted, meaning that no one else can access it unless they’re allowed into that network. A business network always needs to be set up using the latest technology and according to industry standards.

Having a network installed and set up by a professional IT company like FX Technology means you can be sure that it’s up-to-date and secure. It also means having ongoing support, which is our next vital factor. In the event of someone accessing data they shouldn’t, or information being leaked because of human error, you should have a support team that can work quickly to help you mitigate any resulting fallout. Often, this is something much more suited to a dedicated team rather than in-house staff.

Get the Best in Network Security and IT Solutions

If you’re looking for a secure, reliable network for your business, FX Technology can help. We offer managed IT services, VoIP services, secure backup and much more. Talk to the FX Technology team today.

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