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Tracking Protection Demystified

Online privacy protection.

As providers of advanced IT services for homes and businesses, FX Technology understands how important security is. Now more than ever, staying safe online is absolutely vital for corporations and individuals alike. When you’re online, a lot of different websites track what you do. In most cases, this is just to make sure you’re targeted with the right content. But, sometimes, things can be a little more nefarious. This is where tracking protection and blocking can help. In this blog, FX Technology explains what this means and why it matters.

The Purpose of Tracking

There are a few reasons why what you do online is tracked. From the point of view of a business or site owner providing you with a service or particular experience, it helps them to tailor that experience to you. Advertisers and digital marketing companies will also use various tracking methods to target you with appropriate advertising. This way, ads you see online aren’t just randomly generated but tailored based on what you’ve looked at before.

Should I Worry About Browser Tracking?

For the most part, no. The majority of tracking done online is either for analytics purposes or advertising purposes. However, as with anything on the internet, there’s always a risk. The more advanced tracking becomes, the more opportunity there is for certain people to use it for more sinister purposes. If you’re careless about your online activity, it can be much easier for someone to get hold of sensitive login information or personal data through different tracking methods.

Browsers Introducing ‘Do Not Track’ Options

As part of the move to give users more direct control of their data, all of the major browsers have introduced options to send “do not track” requests to the websites they visit. Whether you use Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari browser, or Firefox, the option to not be tracked is included in all of them. Different browsers also offer additional options like options of block certain content types such as advertising.

The downside to “do not track” requests is that you’re relying on that request being honored on the other end. To bolster your protection, you could use a recognized tracking protection program, app, or browser extension that actively blocks trackers. A combination of built-in protection, additional extensions or apps, and educating yourself on cybersecurity can help to keep you safe online. Just make sure that any extensions you use are from a verified source.

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