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Network Security Best Practices

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When it comes to network security, it is much easier to prevent problems than to fix them. Maintaining proper network security practices can help to prevent a number of catastrophes for your business. As an industry leader in Managed IT and security, the team at FX Technology will share a few network security best practices that your business should be following.

Maintain Your Software

Malicious attackers are constantly changing their methods, so yesterday’s solutions may not protect you from today’s threats. It is crucial that you maintain your software and keep everything updated. Updated anti-virus software is always evolving to match new threats and weaknesses.

Monitor Users Within Your Network

Many people imagine their IT and security as a wall around their network, protecting their business from outside attacks. In reality, most network threats are a result of an internal user. While the majority of these threats are from neglect instead of malicious intent, the results for your business are the same. In order to minimize these risks, it is essential that you monitor your internal users. If you can’t see what your users are doing, you can’t prevent actions that are compromising your network security.

Establish a Security Policy

Setting clear examples and guidelines for your employees can be the difference between a secure and unsecured network. By helping your users better recognize what is not acceptable network usage, you can help to prevent a multitude of negligent security risks. Provide on-boarding network security training to your new employees and on-going training to your existing employees. This training will help your employees understand and follow the network security policy completely.

Backup Your Data

Perhaps the most catastrophic result of network security negligence is the loss of your network data. By creating a data backup for your data, you’ll have a recent version of your business data in the event of a cyber attack. Regularly scheduled data backups will ensure no security breach leaves your business crippled.

Trust FX Technology with Your Managed IT

IT and network security are increasingly important in today’s digital business landscape. If you are looking for a managed IT team to lead your network security practice, trust the experts at FX Technology. To learn more about our IT services, contact our team today at 417-895-9223 or request a free IT audit to get started.

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