Cloud Storage

Sustainable Data Storage Made Easy

Are you finding your office filling up with old computers, outdated laptops and hard drives, all loaded with data you can’t afford to lose? Let FX Technology help you streamline your storage with secure cloud services.


Back Up Your Essential Business Data

One the biggest benefits of using cloud services is that it provides a reliable backup for whatever data you need to store. Having everything hard drives is fine, but they are susceptible to wear and year, getting damaged or broken, being lost or even being stolen. Having a backup online means that you’ll be able to access your data even when the hardware you’ve stored it on is unavailable.


Increasing Cost-Effectiveness

One of the best things that modern IT solutions can provide is improved cost-effectiveness. Hardware is expensive, even now that it’s so readily available. The bigger your business, the bigger your storage requirements are going to be.

This means that you’re going to have to foot a hefty bill for hard drives and devices capable of reliably securing and storing it. Cloud services and storage have the potential to be unlimited. This means you have access to all of your business data, whatever your current hardware situation may be.


Easy Access for Better Collaboration

Speaking of access, cloud storage also means that you have the ability to access your essential data wherever you are. Cloud services aren’t tied to a location, so not only can you access it, but you can allow anyone, anywhere to access it with secure logins and sharing permissions. This means you’re able to easily and instantly collaborate with co-workers, customers, clients, and others.


Robust Cloud Security

Does the thought of storing sensitive business data in the cloud make you nervous? Don’t worry! The right cloud services and management, storing data online is secure. Password protection and multi-factor authentication mean that no one will be able to access your data but you and those with your permission. FX Technology will also work with you to develop unique IT solutions for your business when it comes to cloud services and security.

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