Network Security

What is Network Security?

Network security is the combination of multiple layers of defense within a network. Each layer of network implements policies and security controls to prevent malicious actors from accessing and exploiting your company’s network. FX Technology understands the importance of this aspect of business in today‚Äôs increasingly digital world. Every company that wants to provide services in today’s digital landscape needs to protect its network as well as its proprietary information.

Network Security From FX Technology

Your company can rest easy and focus on running your business while FX Technology protects your business from malicious network attacks. We have the knowledge and experience to ensuring your company has the right managed IT systems and security policies in place. Some of the services we provide include:

Access Control

It is imperative that you control which users have access to your network. Not only to allow your authorized users access but to prevent potential attackers from gaining access.

Antivirus and Malware Software

Protecting your network from malware and antivirus attacks requires constant effort. FX Technology will ensure that your network is updated and protected by the right programs to keep your information safe.

Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is key in the case of a successful security attack. Providing your company with protection and information backup can be the difference between disaster and a minor annoyance.

Email Security

Emails are the number one method in which network security is breached. FX Technology can implement email security applications to block incoming attacks and help protect the loss of sensitive data.

Firewall Protection

Making certain that your firewall is properly configured and up-to-date is one of the key barriers between your internal network and untrusted external networks. Creating the proper firewall rules can help protect your company from outside access as well as help prevent the accidental security breach from an employee or authorized network user.

Security Training

Allow FX Technology to provide your business with information and best practices to help avoid possible security breaches. Making certain that you have an informed workforce can help to prevent a large amount of network security attacks.

Wireless Security

Wireless networks are less protected than a wired network, leaving them more exposed to malicious behavior. To prevent your wireless network from being exploited FX Technology can implement specific security systems designed to protect your wireless network.
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Every company needs to have a thorough security system in place for their network. FX Technology has the experts and experience to provide your company with the protection you need.


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