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Slow Internet? Try These Simple Tips!

Slow internet connection on a tablet.

Slow internet connection on a tablet.Is Your Internet Slow? FX Technology Has Some Tips to Help

FX Technology is a leading provider of business IT solutions. We know how important a steady, reliable, and fast connection is for companies these days. We also know how frustrating a slow or laggy connection can be. If you’re experiencing a slow internet connection, there are a few things you can try that might solve your problem without calling support. Try out a few of these tips from FX Technology.

Try Some Browser Fixes First

Your first step is to try some browser fixes. If you use a browser that allows extensions to be installed, like Google Chrome, try pausing some (or all) of these extensions. Some extensions tend to use a lot of memory and can slow down your device’s performance. If this doesn’t help, try clearing the cache and restarting the browser.

You might also want to check if the browser is up-to-date, which is usually under the “about” option in a web browser. Over time, the data collected in a browser from various sites will start to slow things down, and clearing the cache and history can help speed things up.

Run Built-In Troubleshooting

If browser fixes don’t work, you can also try a built-in troubleshooting program. Under the settings on a PC you’ll find a “troubleshoot” option, and on a Mac you can find an application called “disk utility” that will check for issues. Unfortunately, unless you’re tech-savvy yourself, the potential solutions or information these programs will offer might be confusing.

Check the Lights on Modems and Routers

If you’re still experiencing speed issues or crashes, then you should check the lights on your router and your modem. On most routers and modems, a solid or consistent green light indicates everything is working like it should be. Red or orange lights could indicate a problem. Try turning them both off and waiting for 30 seconds to a minute, then start them up again.

Restart Devices

Turning devices off then back on has become something of a cliche when it comes to IT services, but there’s a reason that it’s so common — it often works. Restarting routers and modems, networked devices, and other connected devices will frequently solve speed and signal problems. If your problem still persists after trying the steps we’ve talked about here, then it might be time to get in touch with your support team.

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