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Why an IT Audit is Something You Should Do Regularly

IT security check-up

FX Technology provides IT audits for businesses to help identify issues and gaps in IT infrastructure. While it’s extremely useful to conduct an IT audit, it’s important to realize that it shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Your initial audit can certainly help to identify your current problems, but subsequent audits will help you measure how effective your new IT operations and solutions have been — and where they can be improved. Let FX Technology explain why an IT audit isn’t just a one-time thing.

Technology is Always Advancing

Technology moves forward at an incredible pace. In just the last ten years, the world has seen the release and rapid evolution of smartphones, for example. Along with this advancement comes the potential for additional security risks that you might not have ever thought of before.

To use smartphones as an example: if you’re lax about auditing your digital practices, you could find secure transactions done via smartphone applications at risk simply because of how much things have changed. Regularly conducting IT audits of all the technology you use is a great way to keep up with advancements in tech, as well as new threats to digital security.

You May Have Added New Tech

Much like the way technology develops around you, your company’s use of technology might have evolved, too. We already mentioned smartphones, but what about cloud computing? Many businesses now take advantage of cloud-based storage in order to save on physical devices. Conducting regular IT audits not only ensures that new technology and existing data is kept secure, but it also helps to ensure nothing vital is lost if data has to be transferred to new devices or storage.

Employees May Come and Go

Outside of technology, the coming and going of employees is another good reason to conduct regular audits of your IT and digital practices. However high or low your turnover might be, employees often need to be given access to digital information via shared login information or passwords. Without regular monitoring of the way your business uses IT systems, there’s the risk of a former employee taking passwords with them should they leave. You could end up locked out of important accounts or even risk an attack on your company’s data.

Some Data Leaks Happen Without a Company Knowing

We’ve all seen headlines about data leaks. Perhaps the most alarming part of many of these recent stories is that the companies involved didn’t even realize they had lost sensitive data until it was far too late.

Finding out from a customer that their data has been used without their permission because of your poor digital security is not something you ever want to experience. While carrying out regular IT audits isn’t an absolute guarantee of this never happening, it’s an extremely effective way of reducing the chances considerably.

Get Your First Full IT Audit with FX Technology

Contact FX Technology today and get a full IT audit for your business. From here, we can help you rebuild your IT setup to make things more efficient, more effective, and more secure. We can provide you with full IT management services so that you don’t need to worry about finding an internal IT team.

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