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Why Choose Wireless Over Wired

Wireless router on a desk.

Wireless networking is more common than ever. From homes and businesses to large public spaces, wireless networks and WiFi connectivity is becoming ubiquitous wherever you go. There are a number of good reasons for this and why your business should adopt wireless tech if you haven’t already. In this blog, the IT team at FX Technology is going to take a look at the kind of benefits a wireless network can offer your business over a wired alternative. We’ll also look at a few of the downsides to help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Ease-of-Use and Convenient

The most obvious benefit of using wireless connectivity is the convenience. Anyone who was an early adopter of the internet will remember having to run cables through various rooms in order to hook up their desktop, with different extensions trailing all over the house or the office. Being able to connect not only computers, but smartphones, printers, scanners, and anything else with wireless capabilities have made a big difference in how easy it is to connect.

Simple Sharing

It’s also made it much easier to share. Younger readers might not realize it, but being able to wirelessly transfer files between devices like smartphones was little more than a pipedream. Now, NFC capabilities in smartphones — just as one example — makes it much easier to share files and data in seconds. Not only that but, with cloud-based storage, it also means you don’t have to have a specific device to access files, just an internet connection and the right login.

Public Access for Businesses

For businesses looking to add an extra benefit for customers or clients, wireless connectivity is also a great way to make your place of business more convenient. More and more businesses, stores, offices, and other places of business will offer fast guest WiFi for visitors.

Potential Disadvantages

Wireless networking is great, but it does have some potential disadvantages.

Slower Data Transfer Speeds

Depending on the type of wireless connection and what it’s being used for, there can sometimes be issues with latency and low speeds. This is usually down to signal strength, although it can be due to wireless receivers being places or installed in the wrong locations throughout a building.

Potential Security Issues

In some cases, wireless networking can present a security risk. Unsecured WiFi without password protection or encryption means that people may have access to sensitive data who really shouldn’t.

The best way to avoid disadvantages like these is to have a professional team install and implement your wireless network. If you already have IT infrastructure, an IT audit could help to reveal security issues or just help you improve it.

Ask FX Tech About Wireless Networking

If you’re looking for a full-service IT provider to set up, optimize and troubleshoot your wireless network, contact the team at FX Technology. We’ve helped businesses set up networks and find the best solutions in cloud-based backup systems and storage. Take a look at all of our available business IT services.

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