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Why Cloud Backup is a Good Idea for Small Business

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In a previous blog entry, the FX Technology team went over the differences between cloud storage and cloud backup. In this follow-up entry, we’re going to examine the benefits of cloud backup specifically for small business and startups. If you’re the owner of a small business and you’re wondering whether cloud-based backup services are something you need, you can find out more here.

Cutting Down on Physical Equipment

For a small business or a startup, space is often at a premium. This is especially true if it’s a business selling physical products to customers. Whether you’re selling boutique crafts online or antique furniture out of a physical location, things can get cramped when you’re starting out. Being able to cut down on tech without losing the benefits of connectivity is essential.

A lot of small businesses established these days are able to function entirely from a smartphone or tablet thanks to the wide variety of apps and universal nature of internet access. Not only does it save you physical space, but it also saves you money. Gadgets and devices are expensive, and the more you’re able to do from a single device, the better — without additional gadgets, cables, or connections to pay for.

Easier Access and Better Security

With better connectivity comes easier access to information, whether it’s for your own business or researching new products, services, and potential ways to expand what you offer. Wireless connectivity in a workplace large or small makes it much easier to answer customer or client questions, whatever kind of business you’re running.

In most cases, this improved wireless technology also comes with improved security. Information leaks and breaches have become a hot-button issue. Manufacturers of wireless equipment, along with service providers, have responded with a heavy emphasis on digital and network security. With advanced cloud-based storage and backup services from a professional company, you can be confident about how secure information about your business and customer data is.

More Freedom for Your Business to Move and Grow

Ultimately, one of the biggest long-term benefits of wireless networking for a small business or a startup is offering the room to grow. The amount of freedom that comes with being untethered from devices is a major plus if you’re the owner of a growing business. You never know what kind of opportunity may come along, and being able to access business data from anywhere at any time means that you’ll always be ready. It also means that if you need to move locations or add more, you won’t have to worry about installing an entirely wired IT infrastructure.

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