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Advanced Conference Call Features with VoIP Systems from FX Technology

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VoIP System Features: Advanced Conference Calls

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are a modern alternative to traditional landline phone service, offering a wide variety of advanced features that can a make a major difference in the quality of communication for any business.  VoIP systems offer excellent features for conference calls, which can substantially improve the experience for both staff members as well as clients. Read on in today’s blog from FX Technology to discover great features from VoIP systems for improved conference calls.

Crystal Clear Call Quality

Even with a full suite of advanced calling features, the fundamental factor for effective and efficient conference calling is crystal clear call quality. Whether it is a small conference call with three participants, or a large conference call with 15 or more participants, if the call quality is poor, valuable moments of communication will be lost. VoIP systems offer exceptional, crystal clear call quality for your office, so every conference call will be clear and your clients will notice the difference.

Involve More Participants in Conference Calls

Whether you are hosting a conference call for a corporate board meeting or you are hosting a conference call for students in a university class, the flexibility to include more participants can become an important necessity. VoIP systems offer major improvements over traditional phone services, and an increased number of participants is a perfect example. Invite as many as fifteen participants with standard VoIP, or choose additional functionality with expanded VoIP services, for near unlimited participants in each conference call.

Invite Your Clients to Join in Advanced Conference Calls

Whether you have clients calling in to renew a corporate contract or investors calling in for an update on earnings, full-featured invitations to conference calls deliver a quality experience that clients will appreciate. Automated email invitation can be prepared, delivering scheduled invitations to each client and staff member, with pertinent information and attached documents, so every participant will be ready to make the most out of the call.

Your advanced VoIP system can create a unique phone number for each conference call so that each conference call can be specifically prepared for select clients. Each client can be provided with a unique passcode, which can be entered in a custom voice menu to join the conference call. This security measure is simple but provides a valuable layer of protection for your important communication.

Join Conference Calls from Anywhere in the World

With VoIP Systems, members of your staff, as well as your clients, can join in the conference call from anywhere in the world. Your staff can join in on conference calls from their desk, from their cell phone, or from offices overseas. Clients can call in on conference calls as well, with helpful invitation emails containing dedicated conference call phone numbers, entry codes, and even a link to call in from their desktop pc. Choose VoIP systems for limitless communication, anywhere in the world.

Call Recording and Speech-to-Text Features

Document all the details, and automatically transcribe the conversation from your conference call, with an advanced VoIP system. You can utilize call recording, which creates a digital audio file of the complete conversation from your conference call.  You can also utilize speech to text, to create a digital text document of the conversation. Whether you are documenting the call for quality assurance, or you wish to create minutes of your meeting, call recording and speech-to-text are excellent options that will improve quality and efficiency.

Advanced VoIP Systems from FX Technology

In the operation of any organization, clear and open communication is the foundation for progress, and conference calling is often an important cornerstone of that foundation. FX Technology delivers advanced VoIP systems that can make a big difference in the communication at your organization. Our number one priority is the success of your business, so contact us today to schedule a no-cost IT audit and discover everything we can do for you.

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