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Common Issues an IT Audit Can Identify for Your Business

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Issues an IT Audit Can Uncover at Your Business

Meeting the demands of a successful and growing business can leave little time for IT system maintenance. There may be long-standing problems that are yet to be fixed or unidentified problems that are holding your company back. Address your IT issues head-on with a no-cost IT audit from FX Technology. After the completion of your IT audit, our technicians will prepare an individualized report that identifies problems and delivers solutions to improve your IT infrastructure. Read on for details about common IT issues that an audit from FX Technology can uncover.

Poor Call Quality

Every business requires quality phone service to get the job done, and an IT audit from FX Technology can identify any problems that are causing poor call quality and lost calls. Every moment of customer communication is valuable, so take advantage of a no-cost IT audit and ensure that every call comes through crystal clear.

If your company utilizes the advanced services of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), our technicians will be able to recommend optimization strategies to make the most of your existing features and expand the features that are available for your staff and your customers. If your company has not yet set up VoIP services, we can help get you started.

Problems with Network Bandwidth

Insufficient or unreliable network bandwidth can be a major problem for any company. From phone service to data servers, problems with network bandwidth can bring your day-to-day operations to a grinding halt. There are many potential causes for the problems you may be experiencing, so let the experts at FX Technology identify the issue and recommend repairs that will keep your business on track.

Hardware Issues

During your no-cost IT audit, the experts from FX Technology will assess the hardware your company uses to get business done. That means for everything from your employee’s personal computer to your network routers and company data server, our technicians will recommend targeted hardware updates and security measures to ensure your IT system is up to date and secure.

Update Software and Firmware

From operating system software to network routing firmware, updating your IT systems is a simple and inexpensive way to significantly improve your existing network. A comprehensive IT system update can deliver important functionality without the investment of time and funds required to adopt entirely new software systems.

Network Security

Assessment and management of user account permissions and access, so your secure data is only accessible by approved user accounts. We will recommend critical upgrades or replacements for network security software that protect the privacy of your customers and the integrity of your internal network.

FX Technology IT Audit Delivers Tailored Advice for Your Business

Whatever the unique IT needs of your company may be, a no-cost IT audit from FX Technology will deliver valuable, actionable information that can make the difference for your business. That may mean setting up a VoIP phone network, installing new network security software, or optimizing network bandwidth. Many IT resources can help your business, we will show you what’s possible and make targeted recommendations that suit your needs. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost IT audit from FX Technology.

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