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Common Problems with VoIP Systems and How to Address Them

4 Common Issues with VoIP Systems

VoIP Systems and Issues

Whether you are running a large organization, a small business, or a home office, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is your most powerful option for communication. VoIP systems enable the integration of voice, video, and data applications for your business. This makes it possible to offer an industry leading experience for your customers, with crystal clear call quality, top-notch network security, and the certainty that you never miss a moment of valuable customer communication.

Since the benefits of VoIP services are so important, so too is the importance of ensuring the VoIP system is operating properly and securely. There are some common problems that businesses run into when utilizing VoIP services, and FX Technology is here to help.
Poor call quality is a common issue with new VoIP systems or VoIP systems that are not properly managed by IT professionals.

Packet Loss

Poor call quality is often a result of “packet loss”, the loss of small units of data on the network system. Packet loss may be caused by inefficient network routing, hardware issues, or network bandwidth. FX Technology can help with an IT audit to determine the origin of the problem, as well as ongoing, managed IT services to ensure calls at your company are always crystal clear.

Network Security

Network security is of paramount importance in any business. Protecting the private information of your customers is critical, and so too is protecting the private communications within your company. It is difficult to be certain that your network is safe and secure. FX Technology offers managed security services so that you can be sure that the important business conducted on your network is always secure.

Loss of Internet Connection or Loss of Power

This can be a sudden and major problem for any business. Getting the internet back up can sometimes as simple as restarting the router, but with the complex network systems of modern business, usually, it’s more complicated. FX Technology offers managed IT services for just such an event. Our professional IT technicians will be on call to get your network up and running again as soon as possible, so you can get back to business quickly.

Insufficient Bandwidth

This is a common problem for all companies, especially successful businesses that are growing and adding to their team of staff. When too many calls are coming in the network may experience reduced call quality, dropped calls, and network unavailability. This is a sign that you may need to increase the bandwidth on your network, and FX Technology can help. A routine IT audit can identify the network bottleneck, and help pinpoint exactly how much bandwidth is necessary to meet your company’s growing needs.

High-Quality VoIP Systems with FX Technology

A well-managed VoIP system makes it possible to offer your customers an outstanding experience, every time they contact your business. FX Technology is dedicated to making sure that your calls are always crystal clear, your network is always secure, and unexpected network problems are fixed immediately. The success of your business is important to us. Contact FX Technology today!

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