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Exceptional Benefits of VoIP Systems for Hotels

Discover the Outstand Benefits of VoIP Systems for Hotels

Many businesses can benefit from advanced VoIP systems, but hotels are uniquely positioned to make the most out of this exceptional communication technology. The feature-rich VoIP system offers amazing benefits that will make a big difference for your guests as well as your staff. Read on in today’s blog from FX Technology to learn more about the benefits of VoIP systems for hotels.

Clear Communication for Guests

When you operate a hotel, it is vital that every moment of communication with your guests gives the right impression. VoIP systems offer outstanding custom features that make it easy to impress. With custom ring audio, you can choose a perfect piece of music for your guests while they wait for your staff to answer. With custom greeting audio, you can choose to play an audio greeting for your guests, thanking them for their call and inviting them to select from a list of options to speak with a representative. 

VoIP offers endless options for call parking, call direction, and custom voicemail, so you can offer your guests numerous options for getting in touch with the right staff member, right away. VoIP systems make it possible to address every hotel room with a unique phone number and voicemail, for hundreds of guests every day. With endless features and flexibility, advanced VoIP systems give your guests the quality and functionality they want.

Clear Communication for Staff

Every time a call comes in to the front desk at your hotel, it is an opportunity to make a great impression on your guests. The best way to accomplish this is to be friendly, efficient and informed. VoIP systems unify voice and data for your company, which means that every call that comes in syncs with existing customer data on the computer at your front desk. Your staff will have all the tools they need to be efficient and informed, every time they speak to a guest.

VoIP offers endless features for excellent communication, but if a guest receives poor customer service for your staff, it won’t matter how modern and feature-rich the call system is. The VoIP system has you covered here as well. With digital call recording and digital call transcription, you can review customer service with ease. Every time a call is ended, a digital audio file and a digital text file are created on your desktop, ready to be reviewed. Maximize the customer experience for your guests and the accountability for your staff, with excellent quality assurance features on VoIP from FX Technology.

VoIP Systems from FX Technology

Whether you operate an upscale hotel with valet service or you operate a franchise hotel with family vans in the parking lot, VoIP systems offer crystal-clear feature-rich calls that will impress any guest. Reach out to the experienced team at FX Technology to learn more about VoIP systems, and schedule a no-cost IT audit for your business. We are always here to help you, contact us today!

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