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FX Technology: Archiving Data vs. Backing Up Data

archiving vs backing up answers from FX Technology

Data Information from FX Technology

If you have a company that handles most of its information digitally, you’ve probably looked into different services and programs that protect that information in case of damage, disaster, or another devastating situation. In your research, you’ve probably heard the terms “data archive” and “data backup” used fairly interchangeably—however, both processes have different purposes and different benefits. At FX Technology, we offer cloud backup services for our clients, and we often get asked about the difference between backing up and archiving data. In today’s FX Technology blog, our experts break down the difference between the two and which service is best for your company.

Archiving Data

When you run a business, you don’t want to get rid of information that could come in handy later, but you also don’t want it taking up important storage space on your main company servers. Data archives allow you to keep the most vital information off the main servers but still easily accessible. That way, if a customer has a question about an order from a year ago, you can still easily access that information without slowing down your day-to-day operations with older files.

Backing Up Data

Digital data is increasingly important for more and more companies. When you create a data backup, you are essentially creating a copy of that data that is stored in a different place, whether it be on a separate server or stored in the cloud. A backup exists in case something happens to your primary storage—whether it be power failure, a cyber attack, or just human error. Backups can be used to quickly restore your important data and keep you and your business from losing valuable time trying to recreate the necessary data.

Which Option is Best for Your Business

The main difference between archiving data and backing up data is the purpose of the data you are dealing with. If you are just trying to clear up space on your company’s server while still keeping that data for your records, then archival is probably the best option for your business. Your files will be kept safe and secure without bogging down your server—and if done right, the files will be nicely organized and easy to find if a situation occurs where you would need it.

If you are more concerned with protecting data that your company uses regularly, a data backup may be the better choice. A data backup that is updated regularly means that all the important information you need to keep your business running can be easily accessed and restored in the event of an emergency. With cloud backup services from FX Technology, your company can be up and running again quickly and efficiently, helping everything go back to the way things were before the situation occurred.

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If you are interested in how a cloud-based backup system can benefit your business, contact FX Technology today. We offer free on-site evaluations to help determine which backup storage solution is best for your business. Contact our experts today at 417.895.9223.

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