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FX Technology Explains: Bandwidth Problems that are Common for Businesses

Download stuck because of bandwidth issues

FX Technology Explains: Common Bandwidth Problems for Businesses

In the modern marketplace, businesses require fully functional access to the internet to accomplish everything from answering phone calls to managing an online retail presence. So when you are having bandwidth issues, you want the problem resolved quickly so you can get back to business. There are many possible causes of bandwidth problems, so it can be difficult to identify solutions without the help of an experienced IT professional. The pros at FX Technology offer no-cost business IT audits to identify exactly what the problem is and recommend comprehensive solutions. Read on to learn more in today’s blog.

Line Congestion

It may be the case that your business experiences intermittent bandwidth problems, where your system works sometimes but at other times it slows to a crawl. Problems of this kind are often related to line congestion, a problem that occurs when your staff members are working hard and testing the limits of your current bandwidth.

For example, line congestion may occur at a doctor’s office, where patient record software applications demand high bandwidth. If every computer workstation is being used by staff, this overttaxes the network bandwidth. Other causes of line congestion may be related to spyware, viruses, or poorly optimized IP conflicts and NetBIOS conflicts.

Insufficient Capacity

The obvious answer to bandwidth problems, of course, is to simply spend more money on greater bandwidth. This is a solution that will improve your day-to-day operations but may not actually address the underlying issues. As described above, there are many details in IT networks that may be causing your bandwidth issues. The pros at FX Technology are not satisfied to plaster over underlying problems by simply adding bandwidth to a non-optimized network. We will work to ensure that your network is both sufficient and optimized.

Outdated Network Hardware

When your company is experiencing slow network performance, it can be difficult to know what the problem is. Hardware related network issues may be caused by a single computer or server (failing network card), or they may be due to a company-wide issue (outdated router hardware). Identifying the source of the problem requires diligent assessment, so choose FX Technology for a no-cost business IT audit.

If your company operates using wireless network systems to deliver internet access to your employee workstations, network hardware may be to blame. It may be the case that the network hardware that is failing your network can be updated and brought back online, so you can get back to business without the necessity of purchasing new equipment. The pros at FX Technology will update the firmware on your network and address any IP conflicts or NetBIOS conflicts that may be causing network slowdown, so your existing network will be optimized before any decisions are made about replacing equipment.

Let FX Technology Deal with the Details

At FX Technology, our number one priority is the smooth and successful operation of your business. That means that when we are identifying and solving problems on your network, we examine every detail and find the root of your problem. The pros at FX Technology are here to help your business succeed, so contact us today and discover what we can do for you!

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