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FX Technology Explains: IT Backup Systems

IT System

FX Technology on IT Backup Systems

You may have heard of the importance of backing up your system. In fact, you may have heard us, at FX Technology, rave about the importance of backup systems, but maybe you think it isn’t that important. Or you think that you’ll do it with next month’s budget or next year’s. Or maybe you just don’t know much about it. Is it just one of those buzzwords thrown around by companies and other small business owners? Will it actually improve your business?

Yes Backup Systems Will Improve Your Business

In today’s world, any business that’s not online and digital is leaking business to another company that moves more efficiently and faster and can offer more personalized service. You know this, everyone knows this, but did you know that these digital and online systems will eventually hit a hiccup? Sometimes that means your business goes completely offline. Sometimes that means you lose everything. When that happens, it’s too late to simply call FX Technology and get all your data back.

How Do Backup Systems Work?

Depending on the size of your business, you have a few different backup system options. Let’s say you’re a business of one. Maybe you do freelance work or are in the earliest stages of a startup company. Maybe you run a retail chain with three stores across the city. Or maybe you run company with offices in six states. At FX Technology, we know that not all of these businesses have the same needs.


If you are a business of one, then you can easily get away with an external hard drive as your backup system. This is cost-effective and easy to do yourself. With cloud storage becoming increasingly cheaper, you could also go this option. Only an external hard drive will leave you susceptible to physical disasters though.

Small Businesses

FX Technology has seen some small businesses try to get away with an external hard drive, but that can get problematic quickly. A small business will quickly accrue more data than an external hard drive can handle. Buying more and more hard drives is neither cost-effective nor functional. To increase space, some businesses turn to Network Attached Storage (NAS). NAS typically comes with multiple hard drives and spaces to attach more. It includes secured encryption to protect against hacking and redundant space to safeguard against system or hardware failures.

At FX Technology we encourage our clients to get cloud backup. It is cheaper to setup than NAS and is more versatile. Your business has access to it, no matter the location. You only need internet connection. Because most cloud backup is both online and physical, it is much safer than any NAS system. If you choose the right cloud backup server, your data will be as close to disaster-proof as possible.

Get Started with Cloud Backup from FX Technology

If you run a small business and need to keep your data safe, cloud storage might be the best option for you. The IT management team at FX Technology can help you get started today.

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