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FX Technology Explains: IT Disaster Recovery

Confused by a Computer

FX Technology on IT Disaster Recovery

Many people hear the abbreviation IT and immediately space out. They think whatever comes next will be incomprehensible or will have little effect on them. When it comes to disaster recovery and other services FX Technology supplies, this could not be further from the truth. In today’s modern age of technology, every business has IT needs. FX Technology fulfills a wide range of those IT needs. IT disaster recovery is just one such example. If you don’t know what it is, you are missing out on a crucial component of business continuity.

What Do You Mean by Disaster?

The disaster in IT disaster recovery can be anything that takes your business offline or disrupts your system’s infrastructure. This can be something as severe as a tornado, hurricane, flood, or earthquake. Or it can be something as simple as a human error that wipes clean your small business’s central computer. For every hour your system’s infrastructure is down, you can lose thousands of dollars. If one of these disasters hits your business, you don’t want to find yourself without IT disaster recovery from FX Technology.

So What Is Disaster Recovery?

When an IT management firm offers disaster recovery, they are offering you more than simply the promise to come in and fix your technological issues or rebuild your infrastructure. At FX Technology, disaster recovery entails getting your system up and running as smoothly as before and as soon as possible. We help you backup and secure your information on an offsite server. Though accessible at all times, this offsite server is physically removed and secured. Neither physical disasters nor cyber attacks that affect your system can reach your backed up data.

Great! Now How Do You Access Your Offsite Information?

As part of our pledge to offer great small business IT support, we work with you to create a disaster recovery plan. Together we will come up with an efficient, simple, and affordable plan that your team can implement in the event of a disaster. Once we get everything into place, your backup servers will be accessible instantly at any time. With a disaster recovery plan in place, you will have no problem keeping your business up and running throughout a disaster as if nothing happened.

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FX Technology takes care of all your small business IT support needs. Looking for VOIP services, wireless networking, or other IT solutions? Come check us out, and we’ll get your business moving in a more efficient and secure manner.

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