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FX Technology Explains Wireless Networking

Employees working with wireless networking.

What is Wireless Networking?

Setting up a wireless networking system for your business is a great way to boost worker productivity by allowing them to work from any location in your facility. Mobile access to your network is great for your business but can also be a source of frustration if improperly set up or not correctly managed. Cloud-based applications and efficient communications require a reliable network to support these technologies. Ensure that you get a network fit to your business needs with FX Technology.

Why Use Professional Wireless Networking Services?

Setting up your wireless networking is a more complicated process than many business owners believe. Setting up an entry-level wireless networking system can work when you first start your business, but you may eventually run into problems once your business expands and your network is placed under more stress. Some of the most common issues businesses run into when providing their own wireless networking include:

  • Overloading their router –  High-throughput appliances like IP cameras and network-attached storage solutions can often overload consumer grade routers and cause unexpected network slowness and even crashes.
  • Under-provisioning your Wifi network – With the pervasiveness of mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, relying on a single wireless access point can put a tremendous strain on your network. Even with a smaller workforce, you may have dozens of devices connected to your network at one time. Wireless networking that includes multiple access points can help to reduce the risk of network bottlenecks.


  • Poor placement of access points – Our wireless networking experts can ensure that your access points are placed in the best location to ensure that as few obstructions and interferences will stand between your router and your employees. Businesses that provide their own wireless networking often experience wireless “blind spots” because of improper physical placement of their routers during the installation process.


  • Improper wireless channel selection – Improper channel selection, especially if you are in a busy location, can cause major disruptions and interference to your network. FX Technology can expertly test and select the best Wifi channel to ensure your network does not experience these issues.

Contact FX Technology for Professional Wireless Networking

If you want to improve your wireless networking contact FX Technology today. Our IT experts offer a comprehensive list of services that can provide your business with the tech solution you need. If you are interested in learning more if you have any question feel free to contact us today at 417.895.9223 or if you prefer you can email us directly at We look forward to hearing from you!

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