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FX Technology: The Benefits of VoIP Services for Law Offices

Lawyer Office VoIP Service Phone

FX Technology: VoIP Services for Law Offices

When it comes to providing comprehensive legal services, every detail matters. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service provides feature-rich communication for clients and staff, with exceptional attention to detail. That may mean that every call is automatically documented word for word. It may mean that every client is provided with a detailed digital invitation to scheduled conference calls. Whatever the needs of your organization, VoIP services from FX Technology offer substantial benefits for everyday operations. Read on in today’s blog to learn more about how VoIP services can benefit law offices.

Feature-Rich Call Menus for Clients

Improved client experience is a very important part of providing professional services that clients trust, and it begins the first time a client calls your office. VoIP services make it possible to provide feature-rich call menus for clients, with easy to navigate menu options. Create unique virtual voicemails for each staff member, or a catch-all voicemail that any staff member can use, with access codes for additional security.

VoIP services make it easy to customize the ringtone and hold music that clients experience when they call. You can also prepare an introductory message for incoming calls, offering friendly and helpful information for your clients when they call in.

Convenient and Secure Conference Calling

Whether you are hosting a conference call for beneficiaries of a last will and testament, or a board meeting for a corporate client, a professional and flexible VoIP service for conference calls will make a big difference. Traditional phone services often have limitations on the number of people who can participate in a conference call, but not with VoIP services. Include as many as many participants as needed, with no concerns of clients or board members being locked out of the conversation.

Automated conference call invitations can make the process simple, with scheduled email invitations containing a dedicated phone number for the conference call and a unique code to input in the call menu to access the call. Pertinent information and documentation can be included in the email invitation as well, ensuring every participant is prepared with the reference materials they need.

Automated Call Documentation

Automated call documentation is useful for many types of businesses, but it is particularly important for law offices.  VoIP services allow text and audio documentation of every call, so that every piece of information, every word, and even every tone of voice, is available for review and documentation.

VoIP services offer speech-to-text features, making it possible to create a digital text file with the complete transcript of every call that comes into your office. Similarly, audio transcription features are available, creating a digital audio file of the complete audio from every phone call. This information may prove critical for the successful legal representation of clients, and for the reduction of liability for the law office itself.

VoIP Services from FX Technology

At FX Technology, our number one priority is the success of your business. We strive to remove every obstacle in your way and deliver every service that will benefit your business. VoIP services are an outstanding choice for any business, with particular benefits for law offices. If you are ready to discover what FX Technology can do for your organization, contact us today and schedule a no-cost IT audit.

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