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FX Technology: The Benefits of VoIP Services for Medical Organizations

Doctor using VoiP service with patient

FX Technology: VoIP Services for Medical Organizations

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an outstanding network tool that replaces traditional telephone systems for advanced communication in any business. VoIP makes it possible to integrate voice, video and data applications for your business, delivering a powerful array of features. From personalized voicemail for every employee to auto-transcription of every call, VoIP can change the way your medical organization does business.

Improved Patient Experience

When a patient calls your business, it is helpful to imagine that they have just walked through the front door of your offices. Providing a friendly, convenient, and helpful experience is critical to making patients safe and cared for, and the extensive features delivered by VoIP can make the difference.

The easy-to-use interface of your VoIP phone system will provide a clear and simple experience for patients, even if they are not tech savvy. Patients can easily navigate your organization’s phone system, even when there are many medical departments and many doctors within each department to choose from. VoIP services can also create a “catch-all” voicemail for each department, so patients can leave general messages that can be accessed and answered by any team member from that department.

Digital call recording will save a playable audio file for every call that comes in, so supervisors can review the service patients receive right from their laptop. Voice-to-text call transcription is another helpful tool for unparalleled quality assurance and air-tight medical documentation.

More Features for Efficiency and Service

VoIP delivers extensive automated answering services, with call parking, dual ring, and call software integration for easy data analysis. Individualized mailboxes are available for every member of your staff, accessible from the office and by cellphone. Perhaps the most important feature of VoIP systems is the improved security, so private information from your patients is always protected.

Increased Cost Savings for Business

VoIP costs less than traditional phone service. Because the system operates over your high-speed internet connection, you can cancel additional monthly bills from your old telephone company. The fully optimized VoIP system will save valuable time for your staff and for your customers. A no-cost IT audit from FX Technology can optimize your internet connection, for crystal clear call quality and reliable service.

FX Technology Delivers Game-Changing Services

With the help of the experienced technicians from FX Technology, VoIP services can help you optimize many aspects of your organization. The success of your business is our priority, and we are here to deliver the outstanding patient experiences that will get you there. Contact us today to discover the FX Technology advantage.

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