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IT Solutions: Email Security Applications

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IT Solutions: Email Security

Emails are the primary form of communication within modern businesses. Something that people use so expansively, makes for a cheap, effective way to attack individuals or companies. They are also the predominant medium for phishing, malware, and spam.

Links are sent via email and once opened, they infect computers with viruses, or the perpetrator can access sensitive company information.

So, to protect your company from these kinds of cyber-attacks, it is essential to implement an IT solution like email security.  Read on to find out why you should invest in email security as an IT solution to prevent your business from becoming a victim of one of these kinds of attacks.

Why isn’t training enough?

Though you might think that merely training employees on how to spot an email containing malware is sufficient protection against attacks, this isn’t a foolproof plan. Of course, it is still wise to train your employees!

Phishers continue to become more sophisticated, and often these compromising emails are sent with attachments that look like they are safe. Some will even reroute to a website that looks like a legitimate business or a replica of a legitimate business.

With a lot of phishing attacks, you’ll even see the company’s domain name written into the “from” field which makes it even harder for employees to spot and recognize an attempted attack.

The best IT solution to this problem is to install email security protocols that will help eliminate the threat of these vicious attacks. It also leaves less up to human error.

Why should you come to FX Technology for your email security IT Solution?

At FX technology, we offer a wide variety of network security IT solutions. We provide email security by installing applications that secure your sensitive data and block attacks. We also provide things like firewall protection which means we will help you check to make sure everything is up to date and correctly configured. It’s just an extra failsafe that keeps your network from being breached accidentally compromised by an employee. At FX technology, another IT solution we offer is security training for your employees. One of our IT professionals can come to your business and provide you with information on how best to avoid security breaches. Training is essential even if it isn’t the only thing you’ll need to network security. Having knowledgeable employees will help tremendously in keeping your network safe.

Make sure to contact us and find out more about what kind of network security IT solutions we can offer your company!

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