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IT Solutions for a Streamlined Office from FX Technology

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FX Technology: IT Solutions for a Streamlined Office

The value of streamlined network and communication systems is critical to the successful operation of an office, and IT solutions from FX Technology make it simple. From full featured phone service to high capacity network bandwidth, IT solutions pave the way for streamlined office functionality. Maximize the efficiency of your office, and avoid expensive IT issues, with managed IT services from FX Technology. Read on to learn more in today’s blog.

Optimize Your Office Network

The demands of modern business require full functionality and streamlined office networks. When your office network is overtasked, computers slow down, call quality is lost, your customers cannot access your website, and online sales fail to complete. An IT audit from FX Technology can identify the network issues that your organization is experiencing, and suggest comprehensive solutions to get your office up to speed. FX Technology can assist by optimizing bandwidth, updating network software, repairing and replacing network hardware, and installing advanced services.

Prevent Expensive IT Surprises

Avoid major problems before they end up costing your organization time and money, with managed IT solutions from FX Technology.  Our experienced technicians will identify potential IT failure points and provide comprehensive solutions that will prevent serious surprises down the road. Get started with a no-cost IT audit, and let our trusted technicians show you how we can help.

Advanced Call Features with VoIP Systems

If your business is still using traditional landline telephone service, you are missing out! Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems offer outstanding features that can vastly improve the quality and efficiency of office communication.

Quality Assurance Features for Efficient Communication

Quality assurance is one of the most difficult and costly aspects of many business operations. From retail sales to medical offices, quality assurance is an absolute must. Training staff to properly handle customers, and supervising every moment of customer contact to ensure that training is being followed, can be expensive and time consuming. VoIP systems offer a variety of excellent solutions, making quality assurance easier, from training to service to supervision.

VoIP systems offer speech-to-text features, creating a digital text document with a complete transcript of every call. It’s never been easier to supervise and provide feedback on quality assurance services.

VoIP also offers audio transcription services, which create a digital audio file for every call, making it easy to maintain digital records of the quality of customer services your company is providing, even down to the tone of voice and friendliness that customers experience with your staff.

Full Featured Conference Calls

Gone are the days of awkwardly calling out to bring participants in to conference calls, with call dropping, poor audio, poor security, and limited numbers of call participants. VoIP services deliver a variety of advanced features that will streamline the conference call process.  With automated email invitations for staff and clients, unique conference call codes for each participant, and virtually unlimited participants, VoIP systems offer efficiency and quality that simply cannot be achieved with traditional services.

FX Technology Delivers Solutions for Efficiency

There are many ways that a business owner can increase efficiency in their organization, but advanced solutions for IT and network efficiency sometimes require the experts at FX Technology.  Our experienced technicians have optimized businesses of every kind. We have excellent strategies that will streamline operations, saving your organization substantial time and money. Contact us today for a no-cost IT audit, and discover what we can do for your business.

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