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Quality Assurance and Liability Reduction with Feature-Rich VoIP Systems

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VoIP System Features: Quality Assurance and Liability Reduction

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems offer exceptional features that traditional phone services simply can’t match. One of the most valuable benefits of VoIP for organizations of all kinds is in quality assurance and liability reduction.  VoIP services can provide concrete improvements in customer service, increase accountability for staff, as well as provide verifiable call documentation to eliminate liability exposure. Read on to discover many VoIP system features that can improve quality assurance and reduce liability for your organization.

VoIP Systems – Call ID and Customer Data

VoIP systems offer excellent features that can unify your phone calls with your data systems, so that every call your staff receive is accompanied by customer information. Each call will cue up software with customer data for that particular phone number, so that your staff can see customer history and ongoing service issues. Your staff will be able to edit the customer data as well, updating account information, and leaving notes with important information for future calls.  

Whether your organization provides medical services, legal services, or plumbing services, accurate and accessible customer data is critical. Eliminate the chance that your customers are provided with inaccurate information that could damage their experience with your company, potentially resulting in an angry customer, a bad review, or even a lawsuit.

VoIP Systems – Speech to Text

Imagine having a complete text record of every call that your office has ever received, available on your desktop, categorized by department, employee, and customer. This is one of the outstanding features possible with VoIP system phone service.  Each incoming call is recorded and processed with speech to text technology, and a digital text file is then available for staff, supervisors, and business owners. This is an amazing tool for quality assurance and customer service processes, available from FX Technology.

VoIP Systems – Digital Call Recording

Similar to speech to text, digital call recording is another excellent feature of VoIP systems. A digital audio file is recorded for every call at your company, available for review by supervisors. This is important for quality assurance and customer service, but it is also an important tool for reducing liability in cases where the customer makes a claim against your business. Retain verifiable proof of every customer interaction, with VoIP systems from FX Technology.

VoIP Systems – Custom Hold Audio

A simple feature that can provide valuable results, custom hold audio can improve the experience of your customers and reduce the legal liability of your organization. For example, provide critical information for your callers with a legal disclaimer stating that calls may be recorded for quality assurance purposes, or provide important medical information recommending that patients hang up and call 911 if they are experiencing a medical emergency. Custom hold audio can even be selected based on time of day (after business hours, for example).

FX Technology, for Advanced IT that Makes Business Work

No matter what business you are in, the advanced features of VoIP systems offer valuable benefits for quality assurance and liability reduction. Additionally, VoIP systems also offer clients an improved experience, every time they contact your organization. At FX Technology, our first priority is the success of your organization.  Contact us today to discover how we can help.

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