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VoIP Systems for Retail Companies

Working in Retail

Benefits of VoIP Systems for Retail Companies

If you own a business in the retail industry, you know the market is high paced and ever-changing. Market demands shift all the time, and you need to stay ahead of the curve to make an impact, to expand your business, and to stay in the game. Updating to VoIP systems will allow you to stay competitive in one of the most competitive markets around.

Out with the Old

A traditional phone system can inhibit your business in many small, immeasurable ways. The costs associated with an old telephone system are much too high, especially once you factor into account long distance charges on added phone lines. If your business suffers from an overpriced, old phone line, let FX Technology upgrade you to our VoIP systems.

In with the New

With modern VoIP systems, the world gets a whole lot smaller and a whole lot cheaper than it ever was with traditional phone lines. With one of our new VoIP systems, your business can simply add new locations to the original system. Even if you have multiple locations in multiple areas, they can all function under one system.

Say goodbye to outrageous long-distance charges. Say hello to a world of new features. You can now make conference calls from your standard phone. That means no extra charges or secondary servers to get all your branches together on the same call. Never miss a minute by adding VoIP to your cellular phone. With a dual ring feature, you can take the phone at your desk or on your cell, and they both work on the same plan.

Cheaper and More Flexible

When you switch over to a newer, leaner phone system, you can pass those savings on to your customers. We know that the retail industry can be extremely competitive in terms of pricing, and every little bit helps. Keeping all your facilities and sales operations under the same plan saves a lot and is easier to keep track of. It also adds flexibility to your employees and management teams. Need to fax something to someone out of the office? No problem, send the fax to their email that they can check on their cell phone. You can also record calls for quality assurance and send voicemail straight to email.

Get the Most Out of Your Phone with VoIP Systems

There is no better day than today to make the move from an old phone system. Get in touch with FX Technology today, and we’ll set you up with one of our VoIP systems today.

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