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VoIP Systems: Replacing the Outdated Landline

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When developing your business, it is essential to focus on ways in which you can maximize the efficiency of technology in the office. One way you can do this is by abandoning your outdated landlines and opting to switch over the more efficient and cost-effective VoIP system that FX Technology has to offer. Read on to find out more about why this is such an excellent investment for your business!

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly becoming a replacement for standard landlines. It is an internet telephone service.

Advanced Features

The VoIP system has advanced features that landlines simply cannot offer. A very convenient feature is that you can have your voicemail sent to your email to be read rather than listen to it. This allows you “listen” to voicemails even when you can’t be on the phone. Call parking is another fantastic feature that the VoIP system offers. It allows for someone in your company to put the call on hold in the cloud, and another individual can pick it up from anywhere. Call parking helps when speaking to customers as it significantly cuts down on the time they need to wait on hold.

The VoIP system offers these things and so much more that will help improve the function of your business.

Faster and Easier

With access to the features listed above, it is easy to see how using the VoIP system would be quicker and more straightforward than using a landline. Customers would receive help quicker, and employees would be able to communicate with more ease. Each employee would be able to have a personal number within the VoIP system that would allow customers to reach them directly, which is much simpler than having to call into the company landline and then dial extensions. With VoIP, streamlines everything for maximum efficiency.

It also all takes place in the cloud which allows for information to be passed back and forth between individuals within the company much quicker and easier.

Affordable Cost

Thankfully, the convenience does not come at a hefty cost. You will be able to cheaply install this system with FX Technology and experience the benefits of the VoIP system in your business.

Access from Anywhere

One of the best features of this kind of the VoIP system is that it allows people to access it from anywhere. Replacing your landlines at work with the VoIP system enables employees to work from outside the office if need be. Everyone will be more accessible, and information can be passed back and forth through the cloud with great ease and speed.

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