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What an IT Audit Can Reveal

IT audit with FX Technology

What Does an IT Audit Do?

When most people hear the word “audit”, their mind automatically jumps to taxes and the IRS. However, audits can be extremely useful in a variety of industries, including Information Technology. An IT audit can sound like a scary process to have done for your business, but as technologies and networks continue to grow and become more advanced, an audit may be what protects your company from devastating situations like a cyber attack or data breach. In today’s FX Technology blog, our experts take a look at what exactly happens during an IT audit, and why one can benefit your business.

Evaluate the Systems

As technology continues to advance at such a rapid rate, it doesn’t take much for software and systems to quickly become outdated. An IT audit with FX Technology examines the systems used by your company to look for areas where secure data could be at risk. An IT audit will also check to see if the proper processes are in place to make sure the chance for risk within the system is minimal.

Determine Risks to Assets

There are many inherent risks that come with using technology and digital assets—it’s just part of the industry. An IT audit helps to identify those potential risks and how they can affect the information assets of your company, meaning all the knowledge and data that is organized and stored by your business. Once the potential risks are identified, the experts at FX Technology can help reduce or eliminate those risks to ensure your business’ data stays as safe and secure as possible.

Ensure Processes Follow the Correct Policies

While there isn’t an end-all-be-all set of rules and regulations that IT processes always have to follow, there are several agreed-upon methods and policies that create a standard that IT solutions can be measured against. An IT audit takes a look at the processes used by your company to make sure they are in line with the most up-to-date policies and methods. If they are not, your business’ important data and information could be at risk.

Identify Inefficiencies

Like we mentioned earlier, technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. While the systems your company uses may not be completely out of date, they may not be functioning at the optimal level for your needs. With an IT audit, our experts will identify the potential inefficiencies in both the systems and the management of said systems.

IT Audits with FX Technology

Don’t leave your business open to technology issues and the potential for a data breach. An IT audit from FX Technology will identify any issues that exist within your current system. Our IT audits are a free, no-obligation service. Call our office today at 417.895.9223 to schedule your appointment with one of our experts.

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