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Why You Should Get a Free IT Audit From FX Technology

FX Technology network admin processing IT audit

What You Can Expect from an IT Audit

The speed at which technology changes can be difficult for any business to keep up with. Businesses who neglect the tech side of their business can quickly find themselves falling behind the competition. In addition, each business is unique and getting cardboard cutout tech solutions will not provide your business the leg up on the competition. As experts on the cutting edge of tech changes, FX Technology offers our IT audit service. We take a comprehensive look at your tech system to ensure that your IT needs are being met, as well as areas that you can improve. Best of all, our IT audit is free for potential customers. Today, we will discuss why you should contact FX technology today and what you can expect to learn from our IT experts.

What to Expect from an IT Audit

  • Software inspection – We will check the software that your company uses and ensure that programs are still relevant in your field as well as update the security status. We understand it can be tedious to keep your software updated. However, performing these updates will perform multiple revisions for your computer. Features can be added or removed, bug fixes implemented, and most importantly security holes will be fixed. An IT audit’s most important task is often checking the status of your software.
  • Firmware updates – Inspection of your computer’s firmware is oftentimes an aspect of IT that amateurs often overlook. We will inspect things like your ROM BIOS, check for needed driver updates, and more to ensure your system is secure and updated. While firmware updates are rarely needed if an update is required it is likely for a major security reason. Ensuring that your firmware is in good working order is an important step that those outside of the IT field rarely bother with.
  • Hardware inspection – Hardware inspection is a key component of an IT audit. We will examine your computers, cabling, and storage configurations to make sure your gear is up-to-date and operating correctly. Oftentimes aging components can cause bottlenecks that reduce performance for your entire machine. If a situation like this occurs we can recommend relevant hardware upgrades. Not only is technology our profession, but it is our passion. We stay up-to-date on the latest in the tech world and will ensure that you know what your hardware options are.
  • Prepare an IT audit report – Once our inspection is complete our technicians will prepare a report detailing our recommendations and potential suggestions that may improve your IT structure.

Contact FX Technology for a Free IT Audit

After our IT audit, you are by no means required to make any changes. We provide our report free of charge and you can decide if you would like our expert team to make the recommended changes. We hope you will take the time to schedule an IT audit for your small business today. If you are interested give us a call today at 417.895.9223.

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